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Full Service Digital Marketing

Steam Powered Marketing is a dedicated team committed to helping our clients succeed in growing their businesses and helping them reach their goals.
As a business our goal is to build lifelong relationships with our clients which allows us to learn about their specific needs, preferences and business goals. We strive to provide up to date techniques, we are always learning and keeping with the trends, so our clients can achieve the best results and not using an out of date system. The digital world is always evolving and changing, what marketing strategy worked a few years ago to bring your business may not work in the future. Our digital marketing specialists are always absorbing new information and crafting new ideas for clients’ marketing objectives.

Honesty and Integrity

1) We believe in being completely transparent by providing you with
fully detailed reports on your progress.
2) Communication is a key part in building a long-term relationship with our clients.
3) We will never take short-cuts. We only employ proven ethical methods and marketing practices.
4) We always respect our clients’ ideas and preferences.
5) We look for the clients input as they are the business owner and know their market.
6) Recommendations are always made, but our clients make the final decision.

David Walters

CEO of Steam Powered Marketing, David J. Walters, is passionate about helping small and medium size business effectively leverage the full range of digital marketing disciplines to double their revenues in 12 months or less.
David’s experience as a corporate change management consultant, his broad commercial experience and over 30 years’ experience as a Chartered Engineer equip him to quickly identify the ideal digital marketing strategy for his clients, and then develop an effective project implementation plan to ensure that you benefit as quickly as possible.

James Walters

Director of Technology
267 – 797- 6322

James Walters is the Director of Technology for Steam Powered Marketing. He also leads the Philadelphia office to provide outstanding service to his digital marketing customers. He is a keen student of digital marketing technology which helps him implement new and up to date techniques for his clients to help them double their revenue within 12 months.

Cathy B. Strahan

Director of Content
Cathy Strahan brings her love of social media and photography to great effect as the Director of Content. She has extensive experience in sales and corporate merchandizing, which she applies to help her clients present their products and services in the most engaging way possible. Leveraging her extensive corporate sales experience with her love of digital marketing, Cathy ensures her team delivers the best possible content to promote your brand to increase your revenue.
Charlotte Walters
Head of Online Sales 
I have a passion for engaging with people of various walks of life and business acumen. From an early age I have been fortunate to experience life in a multitude of countries and I'm certain this is why I do what I do and I love what I do!
My career has been heavily influenced by my desire to help people in whatever way I can, from working in multiple talent acquisition roles, ultimately helping people achieve their career goals, to multiple B2B sales roles developing multually benefically and genuine relstionships.

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