We want you to have the information needed to succeed with your digital marketing.

7 Free Digital Marketing Resources

Not every small business has the budget to outsource their digital marketing. Most of us can’t afford to lose our hard-earned money on services that may not deliver what they promise.
But every small business owner is busy juggling dozens of competing demands on their time and attention. None of us can afford to waste time trying to D-I-Y a solution which never gets finished.
We’re giving away the actual workbooks and checklists we use with our clients so that if you chose the D-I-Y solution, you’ll have a much better chance of delivering a result that will help grow your business.

1) Integrated Marketing Strategy Workbook

Online marketing gives Small and Medium size businesses the opportunity to compete globally against much larger companies. The sheer size of the online marketing environment presents countless opportunities. At the same time, the enormity of the online domain creates massive risk of committing to high cost low return activities. You and I can’t afford to shotgun Google. We must define our products and services to the smallest identifiable niche and speak specifically to the wants and desires of that niche.

Always remember, even though you’re connecting via screen, keyboard and mouse, your customer is a human being who hates being sold but loves to buy. Mixing offline and online marketing tactics is essential for creating an integrated marketing system that appeals to your human customer. Create a value statement for each product and service you offer which allows you to have a conversation with your potential customers so that the only logical choice is to buy from you.

These 2 key elements must be integrated in an overarching strategy to be successful. Click the link to receive the Integrated Marketing Strategy Workbook.

2) Google My Business Local SEO 7-point Optimization protocol

Google made over $67 billion in 2018 from its Google Ads revenue. A single click to a website is a long way away from acquiring a paying customer. The cost of a click may be only a couple of dollars, but what most small business owners don’t consider is that the final cost of acquisition can often be a hundred or more times the cost of the original click.


There is a way to get your clicks from Google searches for FREE!


Google My Business (GMB) is a free business profile service which lists businesses by category and location based on the user’s search terms. The top 3 listing appear on page one of the Search Engine Results Page, immediately under a local map. The rest are listed under the link ‘more places”. The difference between ranking in the top 3 and “More Places” is an increase in profile views of 1,111%. We have not yet found one small business profile which was optimized for GMB to improve the profile rank to a top 3 position. After completing our GMB optimization protocol 2/3 of our clients achieved a Top 3 position. (the one’s that didn’t never completed the required actions of the protocol).


Click here to receive the 7 Step GMB optimization protocol.

3) Online Reputation Analysis Scan

Scan your online profile to find if there are any errors in your online presence which adversely affect your GMB ranking.


If your profile has errors download the 7 Step GMB Optimization protocol to learn how to fix them.

4) Marketing Missed Opportunity Checklist

There is no one silver bullet that will solve all your marketing needs. Rather an effective marketing system leverages both and online and offline marketing tactics to create the highest possible level of awareness and engagement from the ideal niche audience.
Click the button below to download the 73-point checklist to identify which marketing tactics you may have missed which could apply to your marketing mix.

5) Website marketing effectiveness Self Audit

Most small businesses which have ventured online and created a website for their business suffer from the “Mona Lisa syndrome”. It was painted around 1511, no one paid attention to it until it was stolen in 1911! Your website may be artistic, cleaver, full of bells and whistles, but if no one sees it, it’s worthless – no matter how much you paid for it.
There are two types of websites “brochureware” and “Lead generation”. The majority of small business websites are brochureware but the business owners expect them to perform lead generation. A typical lead generation site will have a conversion rate (i.e. capture the prospects contact information for further marketing) of 1-2%. A good lead generation site will convert at 10% or better. A brochureware site will convert at less than 0.5%. In this case your $2 paid for click results in the $400 lead cost and you still need to convert the lead into a customer!
Complete this website self assessment audit to find out how effective your website is for lead generation.

6) Double your revenue in one-year procedure

Marketing guru jay Abrahams states, “There are only 3 ways to grow your business. Get more customers, sell more to them or sell to them more often”.
In the realm of integrated marketing, this can be expressed as:
L x C x V x F = GP 

(Leads, Conversions, Volume, Frequency and Growth Potential)
If you improve each of these 4 factors by only 20% you will more than double your revenue. By choosing just one of these 4 factors and focusing on it for 3 months to achieve the 20% improvement will give you an overall revenue increase of 207%.
Here is the procedure we use with our clients who are committed to doubling their revenue in 12 months.

7) Free weekly digital marketing training webinars

Most business owners we’ve spoken to know they need to improve their online presence if they’re going to remain competitive and thrive in the coming years. But these same people are also concerned that they don’t know enough about online marketing to make the right decisions for their business.
We’ve all heard of the horror stories of business owners paying $10,000’s for a website which has no chance of capturing any leads. Or those who’ve paid $20,000 or more for organic SEO and generated no additional traffic to their site.
To correct this situation and empower business owners to make financially viable decisions in their journey into online marketing, we’re running free weekly webinars covering all aspects of online marketing. After attending these webinars you’ll know the latest best practices to use (and the tough questions to ask your service provider) in implementing an effective integrated marketing solution for your business.
Please visit the schedule and registration page for these webinars.