7 Steps to Transform Your Marketing

Here’s our 7-step process for transforming your marketing online.

If you’re a business owner, with a physical location and an offline marketing system that is working, here’s the process we use to transform our client’s marketing and then amplify their online results for maximum profit.

1) You’re not B2B or B2C!

Never forget that you customer is a human being, they have the same fears and needs whether you’re communicating face to face or digitally. People hate to be sold, but love to buy, and they buy from people they know like and trust. The buying decision is always emotional. Your message must appeal to their emotions. What’s in it for me? What transformation will this give me in my life?
Always remember all marketing is H2H – Human-2-Human, even online you must create a human relationship.

2) Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!

You already have an offline marketing process that works! Don’t waste all that you’ve done developing and refining it. Instead look at how you can integrate what’s working offline with the amplification you can achieve online. Offline marketing is being eclipsed by the reach of the internet. Digital marketing frequently misses the point that your end customer is still a human being.
Transforming your existing proven marketing approach into an integrated marketing system is key.

3) Don’t plan to fail!

Most businesses get sold digital tactics – SEO, PPC, Social Media. But few plan an overall strategy which covers all the steps needed to win new customers. Consider this:


     • Poor Strategy + Poor Tactics  = Slow Failure
     • Poor Strategy + Good Tactics = Fast Failure
     • Good Strategy + Poor Tactics = Slow Growth
     • Good Strategy + Good Tactics = Fast Growth


Developing the right strategy to transform your process to integrated marketing is far more important than executing individual, disjointed online marketing tactics.

4) The internet is huge – don’t let your marketing get lost! 

To give you some perspective, the advertising revenue for Google in 2017 was $95.4 billion. None of us have deep enough pockets to get our message across the whole of Google. But there’s no need to! 

When you transform your existing marketing process you can easily identify, and reach, your ideal online niche market. The tighter the niche the more impact your marketing spend. 
Your goal is to have the biggest presence in the tightest niche you can identify.

5) Why pay when you can get it for free?

Although Google makes a huge amount from its paid advertising. There is a way you can get all your traffic from Google for FREE!


Optimize your Google My Business profile and correct errors in your online presence and you can get into a top 3 ranking for the search term relevant to your business. This means 100% of the people searching for your product or service in your area will see your profile. 

Try not to lose sleep over these statistics:

     • 91% of consumers never click off the first page of the search results

     • 73% of consumers lose trust in a brand if its listing contains inaccurate information.


A top 3 Google ranking gives you an 1,100% advantage over the business in 4th place!

6) There’s safety in the tribe!

Your Google profile is a great way for gathering and presenting social proof. This is an essential online activity for building the critical Human-to-Human relationship you need for online marketing success. Presenting high quality reviews from your past customers demonstrates trust and makes it feel much safer for your potential customers to become new customers.


     • 92% of consumers will use a local business if it has at least a 4-star rating 

     • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

     • 56% of consumers click on a business listing with a good star rating (even if it’s not the top result), and

     • 31% of consumers spend more if the business has excellent reviews


Actively harvesting 5-star reviews are like pure gold for your business.

7) Building relationships takes time

Making a sale is never a one and done event. People buy from people they know, like and trust. You need to make the effort to build this relationship. 

Traditional sales training states that it takes 7-12 contacts with a prospect before a sale is made. We ensure that this investment of your valuable time is most effective using a tool we call the “Customer Value Journey”. This maps the end to end integrated marketing process from initial awareness, to the first sale and on to developing your customers into enthusiastic promoters of your product or service. At each step in the process we identify what is the purpose of the interaction with your potential customer, the conversation you should be having and the ideal digital tactic you can use to optimize and amplify this activity.

Map out the journey to take your prospect from initial awareness to happy customer and raving promoter of your brand!

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

That’s understandable! The internet and digital marketing is a huge multi-disciplinary industry. That’s why a concise digital marketing strategy and transformation action plan is essential for your online marketing success.


Follow this 7-step process to transform your marketing to an integrated marketing system and you’ll have an effective plan for amplifying your marketing message online. You’ll have a clear understanding of the associated cost and you’ll be able to identify measurable ROI metrics.


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